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Our Value & Mission.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality and individualized care to our canine and feline companions, with compassion towards their needs and that of their families. Our client is our commitment, our patient is our purpose.

At Animal Medical Clinic of Flint, we strive to provide all of our patients no matter what shape, size, or breed with the most complete and individualized care possible.

We accomplish this by working as a team to develop a specific care program for your pet, using all of our available modalities.

You can walk away from Animal Medical Clinic of Flint with peace of mind knowing that our team put in all of the time and effort necessary to care for your pet, no matter their circumstances.

Small But Mighty.

Meet some of the Animal Medical Clinic of Flint family members below.

Dr. Aaron Walton

Dr. Aaron Walton


Dr. Walton has owned Animal Medical Clinic since 2006. He is a native of Flint, and a graduate of Kearsley High School. Dr. Walton became interested in veterinary medicine through growing up with pets and having the opportunity to work at a family friend's veterinary practice. Upon graduation from high school, Dr. Walton attended Michigan State University where he earned a Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees, graduating in 1996. Dr. Walton lives in Davison with his wife, Deborah, and their four children, three dogs, and two cats. Dr. Walton enjoys MSU sports, hiking, camping, cooking, and gardening.

Sara groomer



Sara is the mother of 4: 3 daughters and a son. She has a dog named Lenny and a cat named Smokey. Sara is also a professional groomer, and studied Veterinary Tech at Baker College.



Amelia went to school at Baker College of Flint. Her love for animals and first family pup, a black lab named Lincoln who was notorious for getting in trouble, helped spark her drive to become an Licensed Veterinary Technician. Though she currently doesn't have any pets, she can't wait to get her own fur baby of her own! When she isn't at the Animal Medical Clinic of Flint you can usually find Amelia reading, spending time with family ( mostly,to see their pets like her mom's dog Zeus) and drawing! When drawing you can find her listening to her favorite songs, Song of Durin by Eurielle or Heaven by Andy Black, or watching her favorite childhood movies, Balto and Homeward Bound!

Clinic Kitty


Clinic Kitty

Our clinic kitty came into our practice in August of 2019! Found as a stray with a slew of health struggles, Wahlburger needed some love and we had some to give! After his health journey he now has settled in and prowls around the clinic in search of cuddles and attention!

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Your furry family member is one of a kind, and we would love to provide them with a treatment plan as unique as they are!

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