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What classifies an animal as an exotic animal?

An exotic pet usually encompasses many different species other than a dog or cat; including small mammals/pocket pets (e.g. rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits), birds, reptiles, fish, and amphibians.

Does my exotic animal need vaccines or any sort of preventatives?

Similar to cats and dogs, each individual species has its own set of preventative procedures. The best prevention for all exotic species is a physical exam! We recommend annual or bi-annual wellness exams for your exotic pet. This helps with noticing any changes or health concerns that may be hidden. Unique to exotic species, their body often reflects how their diet and husbandry are having an impact on them.

Where do they live? What do they eat?

Most exotic pets live in a unique habitat or enclosure.

The size of the habitat or enclosure will depend on a few different factors.

  • The number of critters that will be living together.
  • Their size.
  • If you are incorporating an exercise area in their habitat.
  • Number of toys or basking areas, etc.

For example, birds need room to stretch their wings and busy themselves with toys, mirrors, ladders, and swings. While hamsters and gerbils like to have fresh, fluffy bedding to burrow into and huts to hide in.

When it comes to feeding your exotic pet, it will depend on what kind of species you have. Our doctors and staff will work with you to create a menu for your exotic pet that best meets their nutritional needs.

Help! I’m not sure what resources are true and what is just fake news! Who/what sites should I trust for information?

Under our resources section you can find veterinary approved blogs, videos, and articles.

You will also find updates and current trends on our social media pages including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

So I’m ready to bring my pet in, which Doctor should I see?

At Parkway Small Animal & Exotic Hospital, we have an amazing group of veterinarians from a variety of backgrounds. They are passionate about veterinary medicine and over the years, have developed a variety of focuses. We are confident that you will find a doctor that you will love to see!

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