Pet Surgery in Flint, MI.

surgery for pets

What kind of animals can receive surgery?

Our doctors can perform surgery on every species they treat!

Surgery sounds expensive. Is it going to cost me an arm, a leg, and a part of my pet’s tail?

Our team will be happy to provide a surgical estimate prior to your pet being scheduled for surgery. The estimate will be explained line by line so you can better understand each product or service and why it is important.

How long is the recovery process for my pet?

Recovery times vary (type of surgery, patient compliance, etc.). When you pick your pet up after surgery, you will be given surgery discharge instructions to help guide you through the recovery process. It is very important to follow these instructions. We will answer any questions you may have before you leave, and are always just a phone call away if any concerns or questions come up!

Is there anything I should do to prep my pet for surgery?

Prior to surgery, you will receive a call regarding any special instructions for your pet. The varying procedures and species will determine what kind of prep (food/water restrictions, etc).

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Your furry family member is one of a kind, and we would love to provide them with a treatment plan as unique as they are!

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